Integrat9ion with OOO using Bookmarks and AMA style

I am getting an error that does not seem to be noted other places. When using a .doc in openoffice with Bookmarks and the AMA style selected, I get a very repeatable error when I insert my bibliography.

I get the window shown in this <>; screen shot (sorry, the error is so long it goes right off the screen!), and when I close it, it reopens and must be closed again. This happens between 5 and 30 times before it finally inputs my bibliography.

Any ideas?

Firefox 3.6.12
Zotero 2.0.9
Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64
sun-java6-bin 6.22-0ubuntu1~10.04
sun-java6-jre 6.22-0ubuntu1~10.04

  • I can confirm this on the same setting with a 32bit ubuntu
    with the debian/ubuntu build of Ooo.
    It occurs with every citation style I have tested with bookmarks and - at least for me - not just for inserting a bibliography, but with the second citation I insert - and those citations are not shown - instead I see just {Citation}
    This also occurs, unfortunately, when trying to convert a - completely fine - document with reference marks to bookmarks. Which otherwise would have been my prefered workaround.
    There is no reportable error from inside Zotero.
  • If this is what I think it is, it's a known issue with the Ubuntu OOo build that can be fixed by installing the standard version of
  • I can confirm this.

    I downloaded the official packages, unzipped them in my Home dir and did the following:

    $ cd /home/seth/
    $ sudo apt-get remove*
    $ cd OOO320_m18_native_packed-1_en-US.9502/DEBS
    $ sudo dpkg -i *.deb
    $ cd desktop-integration
    $ sudo dpkg -i *.deb
    $ sudo apt-get install aspell language-support-writing-en

    For some reason the spelling support was removed with the open office packages, so the last line puts all that back.

    All seems well, but I'll report any problems I run into.

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