Traslator for OvidSP & Athens not working

I have no icon for saving the document at (please excuse the tinyurl, the original is 880+ characters long!):

I think that it is encrypted by the session, so the link may no longer work. Here is how I got there:, search for "Fiducial point placement and the accuracy of point-based, rigid body registration."

My affiliation has a subscription with OvidSP, so a link shows up on the right. Follow that to the OvidSP & Athens link.

The page has the following info at the top:
Issue: Volume 48(4), April 2001, pp 810-817
Copyright: Copyright © by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Publication Type: [Technique Assessments]
ISSN: 0148-396X
Accession: 00006123-200104000-00023
Keywords: Fiducial markers,, Point-based registration,, Target registration error

I am working around by saving the pubmed page.


Zotero 2.0.9 (translators up to date)
Firefox 3.6.12 (no content extensions)
Ubuntu 10.04
  • OvidSP also doesn't work for me - no icon to save references - on two PCs running windows XP, FF3 or 4, despite updating translators.

    This presents me with a real dilemma - whether to stick with OvidSP and go back to Endnote (shudder) or to put up with Pubmed and stick with Zotero. I will try the painful workaround of entering IDs into Pubmed and saving the Pubmed page for now.
    is the most recent thread on this with all relevant info.
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