How to reorder citations?

How do you reorder citations in the editing window? For example, I entered a source from 1905 before one from 1895 by mistake. Is there a way to switch the order without starting over? I tried dragging, but it doesn't work.
  • some styles will auto - sort for you. If your current style doesn't, but you think it should, please report.
    Otherwise re-ordering isn't possible, but it's planned (or even implemented in the beta? Not sure).
  • I use Turabian, per my institution's request. It does not auto-sort as far as I can tell. Does Chicago Manual auto-sort?
  • no.
    Are you using Author-date or Note? There is, afaik, no note style that auto sorts (though it can certainly be done.
    If you're using Chicago author-date, I believe that's equivalent to Turabian, so you can follow the instructions at my link.
  • I am using Note, not author-date and my institution insists on Turabian, even though it is based on CMS.

    Which link of yours are you referring to?

  • sorry - no link. I was answering two things at one.

    Turabian Note is actually slightly different from CMS - the author-date styles are the same.

    Are you sure you want them to sort, though? that's highly unusual for notes.
    If so, just put
    <key variable="issued"/>

    <option name="disambiguate-add-names" value="true"/>
    <layout prefix="" suffix="." delimiter="; ">
    for general instructions.
  • Great. Thanks.
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