Word plugins - very resilient errors

I am using the Word plugin for Zotero 2.1b2. I have a document which was created using a slightly earlier version of the style I am using (McGill Guide v7). I am developing the citation style as well as working on the document.

After I created the document and added a couple of citations, I fixed some errors with the style. However, there appears to be no way to update the document to reflect these style-fixes. No combination of the Zotero Set Doc Prefs and Zotero Update buttons has any impact on the resilience of the earlier, error-ridden version of the style in existing and any new citations. I have also tried "Remover Zotero Codes" followed by "Set Doc Prefs"

I have fixed the document - by removing codes, copying the text into a new document, and then setting the prefs to the preferred style. But it would be nice if updates to existing fields checked not only update to the existing citations, but also for updates to the existing style.

Come to think of it, that may be very hard. At the very least, it would be helpful if "Set Doc Prefs" would update the style, even where the style chosen is the same.
  • I can't speak for the new beta, but this works in 2.0 - I think switching the style back and forth does the trick.
    Once you remove the Zotero codes, nothing should update anymore, though - I'm confused that worked for you.
  • Your suggested solution - switching to another style and then back - seems to work.

    It would still be nice if, on setting Doc Prefs, the style would update if you chose it again!

    My workaround was to remove codes, copy text to a new document, delete the cites and add them back in again.
  • I would think the problem is that this would slow-down Zotero - one more thing to check again on each update. And considering that this is a pretty rare scenario, mostly limited to people advanced enough to code their own styles, I think it's not worth it - though we should make sure to document this somewhere on this page:
  • You can also restart Firefox and press the "Refresh" button.
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