Drag and Drop to Desktop: Mac

I was able to drag and drop a citation from Zotero to my Mac desktop and it would appear as an RTF file. I could then copy and paste that citation into other programs, like PowerPoint. Somehow this ability has left my Zotero world, either through Mac OSX update of Office 2011. How can I get this capability back?
  • you should just be able to directly drag&drop a citation from Zotero to Powerpoint/Word etc. Is that not possible?

    That you could create an RTF file by dragging a citation to your desktop was never intended behavior, though I guess it might have worked on a Mac (on linux I get a .txt) - that part is entirely up to your OS and what it does when you drop something from the clipboard to the desktop - so you're more likely to find the answer on a Mac/OS X forum.
  • This sounds like text clippings, which have long been a poorly explained but fun part of the Mac world-- a file-like representation of clipboard contents. I'd be surprised if they were dropped from OS X, but I don't use a Mac anymore and can't verify.
  • Drag and Drop directly into Word or PPT? ... doooooh! (head slap) Works just fine. Thanks.
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