[resolved, i think] how are relations stored in sqlite file?

I've been successfully using InfoQube to query my Zotero database (don't
worry, nothing gets written to Zotero), but the one bit of data I can't figure
out how to query is the relations ("Related") between items. In my Zotero sqlite
file, there is a "relations" table, but it appears to be empty, whereas tables
like "tags" inclue all the expected information. Can anyone give me any pointers
on how to find related items information in my sqlite file?

UPDATE: I just noticed that I had missed something right under my nose: the "itemSeeAlso" table. I'm assuming that must be where the information is. I'm going to have a look...
  • Yes. At some point they'll be moved to the 'relations' table (when the current relations functionality is extended).
  • Okay, cool. I'm set up now to get the data from itemsSeeAlso, but I look forward to further development of relations functionality.
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