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I have a large number of biblio entries about individual social networkings sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc. which have all their individual tags (Facebook, Myspace, etc.).

Now I want to add a generic tag, say Social networking sites, in addition to the existing tags.

When I select all items with, for instance, the Facebook tag how can I add another tag, in my case a generic tag ? Once I select a tag when mouse-hovering over it you can rename this tag or delete it but not add another tag. When I ctrl-shift all items in the central column thre right click menu offers no entry for tagging.

Can I solve my problem ?
  • If you open the tag box (double-click on the little dots at the bottom of the left column) and type the name of the tag you want to add in the search box, that tag will show up above the search box; then drag all the ones you want to tag onto the tag name, and voila!
  • It seems to be more complicated than that as I first had to filter for the dozens of bibs which then got the additional, generic tag. So, the way I found was :
    - create the selection of bibs that need the generic tag through Advanced Search.
    - save advanced search.
    - move the tag to the saved folder (or the other way round - I don't remember).

    Thanks for helping,
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