Import collections/folders

Every time items are imported from the web (e,g., from a one Elsevier.) a new folder/collection is created. I cannot find any settings to disable it (the date added is sufficient for me). How can I avoid having the auto-created collections for every import?

- Jacek
  • For elsevier, why not use the site translator by clicking on the icon in your address bar? Manually imported items go into a new collection & you cannot change that.
  • This is of course what I am doing most of the time: clicking on that icon. But some sites give errors, not sure if there were any errors from Elsevier journals, I think I am getting errors when using the icon from ACM DL and also from (some) Springerlink journals or books. When I get an error, I usually use Bibtext : copy to clipboard and import from clipboard to Zotero.
  • Bump. I would like to disable that "feature" too. Meaning, I'd rather not have "imported date/time" collections automatically created for every import. Anybody?
  • I think I'm inclined to agree on the import issue-- maybe a tag and saved search could be created on import, but the items would go to the currently selected collection?

    As for site translator errors that are causing this to be needed, please post details (URLs, error logs) for such pages so we can look into them.
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