Option to insert citation in Author (date) format

Hi All,

Inserting a citation can be in the format (Smith 2010) or if you suppress the author you can type 'Smith' then insert the citation in the format (2010) to give the text 'Smith (2010)'.

I think it would be valuable to have Zotero do the later by creating a citation in the format 'Smith (2010)' for you rather than having to type the name yourself. The most obvious reason is that the whole point of using Zotero is to get consistent citations and bibliography. By requiring the user to type the author (or worse groups of authors), spelling and syntax errors can creep into the work.

  • This has been discussed before (at length) - short version: adding that option would actually add a tremendous amount of complexity. E.g. if converting a style from an author-date style to a footnote or numeric style, with respect to different conventions about the use of & and "and" in the text and in citations etc. And there is always the problem with GUI cluttering.

    If you're interested about the details search the forum.
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