Libre Office "action not supported Invalid procedure call"

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I have no error ID.
I have a problem with a
Windows 7 Enterprise (64) system
Firefox 3.6.12
LibreOffice 3.3.0 OOO330m12 (Build:2) libreoffice-build
Zotero 2.09
Zotero OpenOffice Integration 3.0b2
The language is German

Everytime I push one of the buttons: "Insert Citation", "Edit Citation", "Insert Bibliography" or "Edit Bibliography" I got the message: "action not supported Invalid procedure call". The makro window is open and it stops at:
"Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias _
"FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName _
As String) As Long" highlighting the word "Long"

Does anybody know how to handle or solve this?

Thank you very much in advance!

  • Similar problem, with XP Service pack 3
  • I can reproduce this. Something is not working right in OOo Basic as of 3.3.0+ (both and LibreOffice). I'm looking for a fix.
  • Hello Simon,

    thank you very much for your quick answer and for looking for a fix.
    All you guys of Zotero are doing an incredible good job!

    Best regards

  • Can you try installing the Integration Branch XPI and see whether it resolves this for you? (2.1 beta users will need to try the Integration Trunk XPI.)
  • Hello Simon,

    now it´s

    Windows 7 Enterprise (64) system
    Firefox 3.6.13
    LibreOffice 3.3.0 OOO330m18 (Build:4)
    Zotero 2.09
    Zotero OpenOffice Integration 3.0a9.r7573

    and it works like a charm.

    You made my day!
    Thanks again very much.


  • i'm on ubuntu, and would like to switch to libre office and also to zotero sa soon. should I be using one of these versions, simon? thanks!
  • Does this mean that Zotero integration into and LibreOffice 3.3 is now working correctly again, and thus that the the warning on
    is now dated?

  • We need to push a new version of Integration, but given that the patch seems to be working for everyone AFAIK, that will probably happen soon.
  • Just for your info: it works fine for openoffice 3.3, but not for Libreoffice 3.3
  • For me the branch version didn't help. I have the following setup:

    - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de; rv: Gecko/20100914 Firefox/3.6.10
    - 3.3.0 (Build 9567)
    - Zotero 2.09
    - Zotero OpenOffice Integration 3.0a9.r7573

    I'd very much appreciate a quick solution.

    Thanks & regards,

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    there maybe a workaround using OOportable. But as thats a 3.2 version it's probably not helpful.
  • Hello, our university is pushing for the switch to LibreOffice. I wanted to use the opportunity to deploy Zotero on all computers in our department and give little coachings, so that people can use Zotero. However, this bug has put a stop to these plans. Is there any eta on when it will be fixed? Installing OOportable 3.2 as a workaround is not an acceptable solution for us, sadly.
  • I think that LibreOffice 3.2 should work, and the 3.3 issue is apparently just a matter of setting the right path for Zotero to find it. But maybe someone with first-hand experience can chip in here.
  • If you are upgrading from 3 to LibreOffice, you need to click the "Detect Paths" button in the OpenOffice Integration preferences. If you are installing LibreOffice anew, everything should just work (provided that you have Zotero OpenOffice Integration 3.0b3 or later).
  • Just want to hint that any Chinese Zotero user who is using Chinese windows system and met the same error as Spock99 raised.

    That may because that system's code page is Chinese, as discussed here:

    Currently, the new integration plug-in given by Simon (Zotero Integration 3.0b2) does not work for OO or LO 3.3.0+
  • I want to test both systems, so I have openoffice AND libreoffice on my PC. It seems I can only use the zotero plugin for openoffice OR libreoffice. Isn't it possible to use that plugin at the same time for both packages?
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    Not without changing the path (and restarting Firefox), but there is very little difference between and LibreOffice. I'm not sure why you'd need to use both simultaneously.
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