New Style - Canadian Guide to Unifom legal citation

I have written a new style based on the McGill Guide/Redbook (the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation), which provides the framework, but still needs additional work. It is save under McGillv7.

It has not yet been listed at the repository (, but it is available via SVN/Trac.
  • thanks.
    Styles usually show up in the repository within 24hs, faster in most cases.
    You don't need to update the timestamp - that happens automatically once a style is added to the repository.
  • oh - and a couple of more suggestions:
    Would you consider adding the CC license that most styles on the repository have?
    Add a <link> line (see other styles for reference
    Don't use capital letters in the <id> for compatibility reasons.
    If possible, add a link to an online styleguide for future reference.
  • Thanks for the help.

    I've noted that the style isn't validating in the repository. This is likely because it's written using CSL 1.0. (It validates at Should I just leave it there for now? It also doesn't seem to have (dev) appended automatically, which I had expected.
  • yes - it's not validating because of csl 1.0 and yes, just leave it there.
    The (dev) has just been removed for the names in the repository. I think it will still have (dev) attached when you install it.
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