rich text bibliography NOT as a table

Recently I needed to include references into non-LaTeX rich text document (e.g. Word). I found that when copying bibliography as rich text to clipboard ("create bibliography from selected items"), the text is formatted as a table. This makes it difficult to edit and change it afterwards.

Is there a copying method that does not use a table, just text and numbers?
  • Copy to Clipboard works for me. If that's a table in your case, that's probably not Zotero's doing.
  • Yes, it *works* of course, but the format of the text is a table, with the reference numbers in the first column and the references in the second. Therefore it's simply difficult to edit them in Word. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to make it not a table, even make it plain text with no formatting at all, if that's the only solution.
  • I wasn't clear that you were using a numerical style - I didn't know Zotero put those in tables, because I never use them - but it does.
    Hmm -- you could copy it to a text editor first? That'd get rid of the formatting, including the table. Also - the word/Ooo convert table to text function works nicely - that even leaves you with most formatting.
  • I was not aware that Word had such a function (I don't use it much). Thank you, this solves the problem.
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