No icon on IEEE Xplore

I'm using Zotero 1.0.0.RC5 on Ubuntu 7.10 with firefox. My problem is with the Zotero icon in url bar while using IEEE Xplore - there is no such icon. I have used Zotero on IEEE Xplore some time ago and there was no problem, so what can be wrong?

The icon does not show for search results, individual papers, anything else i have checked. Is the translator still supported?

Lukasz Chrost
  • The IEEE Xplore translator appears to be working fine.
  • lukost: If this still isn't working for you, give us some URLs that don't work. (Is this through a proxy?) You can also try the Rebuild Translators Table button in the Advanced section of the Zotero prefs, though that shouldn't be necessary.
  • Thanks for reply. Rebuild Translators Table was the key - everything works perfectly now
    Zotero rocks!
  • Just out of curiosity, had you ever used Scaffold, our translator development tool? We're trying to figure out what's causing these occasional issues with the translator table.
  • No i haven't used it at all. In fact this was a 'clean install' - new unix account / fresh zotero.
  • Well i can't seem to use ieeexplore as well.
    The rebuild translators table button doesn't solve this problem.
    I am using windows XP + firefox 2.0.9 and zotero latest version.. any ideas? Zotero is working on google scholar..

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    Zotero also works for portal acm. I never used Scaffold..

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    Ok, just found out the problem.
    Use 'basic search' on ieeexplore's main page and the icon never appears. Use the 'advanced search' and the icon appears!!
    The funny thing is that this occurs at my pc in university, but it works both ways in my home pc..
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