Slash instead of "and" or "&" in author-date citation


I'm looking to have a citation in Harvard style like this:

(author1/author2 2010)

Is there a possibility of having this slash instead of an "and" as text or the ampersand?

Thank you and kind regards,
  • Yes. You'll have to change the style, though. I use this macro, which would have to replace the macro of the same name in, e.g. Harvard 1.

    <macro name="author-short">
    <names variable="author">
    <name form="short" delimiter="/" delimiter-precedes-last="always" initialize-with=". "/>
    <names variable="editor"/>
    <names variable="translator"/>
    <text macro="anon"/>

    see here for general instructions:
  • Thank you, that was a quick and great help. I didn't think it was that easy since I have been messing around with it for a while.

  • you're welcome - I had this in one of my own custom styles anyway, so just had to copy and paste.
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