Angewandte Chemie style (provisional)

I will use the Angewandte Style for another Wiley journal ("Small").
As the former style had one major disadvantage I just changed a few lines that the citation in text will be [6,7] instead of [6][7]
One can either update the old style with the few changes (this disadvantage was even described in the describtion) or I can upload the slightly changed style as a new one and call it "Wiley" as most of their journal use this style.
What procedure is preferred?
  • The following styles are also styles for Wiley:advanced-engineering-materials.csl
    I haven't tested them lately. If they produce (or intend to produce) identical output, then we should make dependent styles. If they do not, I don't think the style should merely be called Wiley. It sounds like you think that Small and Angewandte use the same style. At minimum, I'd think you'd want to replace Angewandte with a style dependent upon the corrected one.
  • From a first pass through the author guidelines: angewandte-chemie and small seem to be the same. advanced-engineering-materials may be the same, but nothing is mentioned explicitly re. composite references (which CSL can't do anyway...). I'd suggest the three be merged to use the same parent style for now (how does the current AEM compare to what you need for Small? adamsmith forked angewandte-chemie from adv. eng. mater, but I don't recall what changes he was attempting to impose [maybe the tricky superscript+brackets stuff]).

    None of the other styles is the same (annals of neurology has unbracketed superscript citations; proteomics has bracketed, non-superscript citations; the others are author-date). The following author-date styles seem similar enough that they might be merged: The Journal of Comparative Neurology, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, and American Journal of Medical Genetics.
  • I thought I changed something else for angewandte Chemie - but yes, the brackets were the main issue - I'll have a look if it makes sense to unify soonish - remind me, has the superscript&brackets issue been resolved in 2.0 or just in 2.1?
  • the AEM styles looks similar but a closer look to the citation part seems to lack the delimiter part as well
    but in general one could merge those styles (mainly chemistry journals) from wiley
  • quick look at the diff says that currently the angewandte chemie style deals with online sources more explicity and puts pp. in front of page numbers - I'll check what the style guides say.
  • I'm trying to use the Angewandte Chemie style and my citations in the text are showing up as [6][7]. Was the corrected style ever uploaded?
  • I'm pretty sure the brackets are off because there is no right solution:
    either you get this, or the superscripting is messed up (the square brackets won't superscript) - I don't have time to test,
    but it's easy to change between the two versions:
    just change
    <layout vertical-align="sup">
    <text variable="citation-number" prefix="[" suffix="]"/>


    <layout vertical-align="sup" prefix="[" suffix="]">
    <text variable="citation-number"/>

    see here for instructions:

    If you can confirm that the later works consistently in the word-processor (the problem with superscript isn't visible in the preview) I'll change it globally.
  • I tried the suggested code and observed that the citation numbers are in superscript, but the square brackets are not, so apparently the problem remains.

    BTW, I didn't realize that citations were supposed to be superscripted in Angewandte Chemie. I was trying out that style because a different Wiley Journal (Fuel Cells) doesn't yet have a style on Zotero.
  • If you don't need it superscripted you can just take out
    and go with the lower option above otherwise.
  • I will upload the file that I created for SMALL, BUT I also changed the fact that "" will be placed if there are more that 8 authors because SMALL wants to have all authors.
    I don't know about Angewandte !?!?
    I do this now ...
  • Hi all,
    I also want to use the Angewandte Style for a journal that requires it, but I realize that the Journal names in the citations appear with the whole name instead of being shortened as it should be.
    Does someone know how to correct this in the CSL?
  • @Azul -- the style abbreviates journal titles. Note that automatic abbreviations only work when using the word processor add-on and only when that option is checked under "Set Document Preferences" in the add-on.
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