Incomplete syncing and lost data

Last monday we had the situation that one group member entered about 100 references directly from pubmed. Her zotero settings are on automatically syncing.
Yesterday other group members started Mozilla Firefox and zotero, and after database syncing the monday’s entries were only incompletely visible: only the authors and the kind of document are available. When looking on the Zotero server, only the authors, the kind of document and additionally the title are available. So on the server there are also incomplete but more information available than locally after syncing. Then I tried to reset my local database from the server – but also after reloading database from server the titles of the monday’s entries were missing even they are on the server!
And even when I added the left title to some of those references from the monday’s entry and synced again, these titles were never visible for any other group member.
Yesterday’s entries are all complete for all group members.
What could we do to prevent those data loss?
  • Is the data complete in the library of the person who added the items originally? If so, and they edit an item (even to change it and then change it back, such that the Date Modified is updated) and sync, does the item show up correctly on the website?
  • On the9th I have checked the local database of the person who enteres the 8th entries and found it complete. so we decided to sync by clicking the green symbol .. but after doing that the 8th entries became as incomplete as on my database?!

    In the next step I was looking on the server and found that from the 8th entries there are only authors and title available (no journal, no year, no pages, no abstract etc.). But as on my local database only the authors were available, I decided to copy the title from the website and paste it into my database. I did so for approx. 10 entries - only to find out what will happen on the other peoples databases after syncing.
    And now the most curious thing: today 10 minutes ago I have checked on the website the 8th entries which I have changed (by copy/paste the title) and .... found them complete! with journal, with abstract, with year, with pages....! and with the entry "changed by 'me'". But neigher me nor any other group member has this information locally after syncing!! I have the authors and the title (only for those 10 where I have added the titel) and all others have only the authors.
    So whats happen????
  • As now I have found out that on the zotero server today all data of the 8th-november entries are complete I started a new chance for restoring my database from server by reset it. And fortunately now my local database is the same as on the server - complete!

    But why on the 9th also on the server the data were not displayed???? Would be interesting to know what was happen.
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