word plugin runtime error 91

whenever I click any of the buttons on the zotero toolbar in word 2007 I get runtime error 91, with the debug and continue options blanked out. Any ideas as how to fix it? thanks
  • I've got a similar issue with the 1.0.0rc4. version and the new (I assume) word plug-in (with word2007). there's a runtime error '91' every time I try to use the edit citation feature (and only then). - ditto
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    Error 91 is a very generic message which may have nothing to do with Zotero. Are you running any kind of antivirus software that might block the running of Word macros? Are you running Windows XP SP2? Have you tried reinstalling VBA as suggested in this thread?
  • runtime error 91 only occurs when my pc is online, unplug the ethernet cable and no such issues. try it and see if it makes a difference. i dont know much about the way word's behavior changes when its online but something does for sure
  • moth89: Definitely sounds like you are restricting the running of macros on Word. Check your macro settings or antivirus settings.
  • Disconnecting from my wireless network resolves the runtime error 91 for me as well. Is there any way to remain connected and still have the plugin work? Running Vista Ultimate and Word 2007. No antivirus or spyware; macro settings are ok AFAIK (same as on my XP machine which works fine connected).
  • I have totally disabled macro control in word and added the entire contents of the C:\ drive (my only drive) to the trusted area. No virus/spyware, running vista home premium and word 2007. Any ideas as to what the problem maybe?
  • Has there been any resolution for this issue? I now have Office 2007 and want to upgrade because of problems that have developed with 2003, but I may delay upgrading if Word 2007 will not be compatible with Zotero. I run Vista Ultimate 32 bit. Any advice is appreciated.
  • As noted in our documentation, the plugin is compatible with Word 2007.
  • For additional discussion: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/2787/
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