Compatible sites page outdated (remove ?)

Hi all,
I've just seen a message on a french mailing list giving the url of the compatible sites page ( ). It seems that there hasn't been any update since april 2008, and many sites that have been enabled since that time don't appear.

Maybe that it would be better to remove that page or to clearly write that it is outdated ?

I don't know if it has already been discussed there, couldn't find message in the forum.
  • It would be nice if the page were automatically generated from the translators directory, much like the styles page.
  • yes - listing all compatible university libraries is kind of silly anyway...
    Are we going to list all blogs with embedded RDF or COinS, too? ;-)
  • @adamsmith yes that's the problem, so maybe that it would be better to generate just the list of translators as Avram is suggesting, it would be easier to have something up to date.
  • The current page used to encourage active participation from site hosts, which was a good thing. Further, it used to describe the current state of translators (that cannot be obtained in an automatic fashion at this time). It is a shame that it hasn't been updated since 2008, but I think we can do better than to merely list the contents of the translators directory.
  • I would like to see something better than a copy of the translators directory, but updates really have to be automatic. There are simply too many translators to maintain status info manually.

    A relatively simple approach would be for the Zotero team to provide aggregated statistics on broken translator reports (the automated ones-- I don't think they're used at all right now).

    The better solution is a semi-automated translator teste suite; I think that translators could define test URLs and expected output, then, say, Scaffold could be outfitted with the ability to test translators (in a batch mode of some sort). Then interested volunteers could periodically run batches of tests and update the page accordingly. I started to do something like this in MozMill, but I couldn't get the translators to run.
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