Option to move locally stored attachments to a webdav folder with a single click

For me and the members of my zotero group it would be fine, if we had a button to automatically move/upload locally stored pdf-files with a single click to a common group web(dav)-folder and to replace the attachment automatically by a link to the moved file in the web-folder.

The advantage of such a solution in contrast of using the zotero group sync (with fulltext upload) would be,
- that the syncing goes much faster (no fulltext syncing necessary),
- everybody has access to the fulltext of the documents, provided by the link to the stored fulltext on the web-folder,
- no sync storage is necessary,
- nobody in the group has to store all fulltext documents on his local zotero folder
- and the link to the fulltext in a web(dav) folder is valid for all group members.

My typical scenario: I make a literature search on a special topic, save the items with fulltext in my local zotero database (10 until 100 items). When I think the articles are important for the group, I move the items to the group folder. Now I wish to move the local stored fulltexts to the common web-folder and replace the fulltext attachment by a link to the web folder file. Finally I sync the group library.

I know, that I can already do all things, but in a lot of separate steps. That's a bit laborious.

I know, that there are some other threads on seperate (local) storage locations for pdf files outside the zotero storage folder.

I think, a button to move easily selected attachments to a common (perhaps predef location) by a single click would be a simple and nice feature for all users, who want to share pdf and other fulltext attachments in a group.

What do you think about such a feature.
  • Perhaps somebody of the zotero dev-team can give an answer, whether or not this feature request is worth to discuss or to implement.

    I think, it would support a form of group collaboration with a central pdf-storage outside the zotero storage, which is requested a lot of times before in the forums. Not in an exclusively manner, but in combination with the normal zotero group sync behaviour.

    Also I think, that the feature is not to complicated to realize.

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