Dot instead of ordinal numbers (e.g. 1st)


I am preparing an ECIS conference style at the moment.
Within the bibliography the edition has to come with ordinal numbers like "3rd" etc., but it is only shown like this: "3.". Does any one have a hint?

The code looks like this:

<group delimiter=" ">
<number variable="edition" form="ordinal" prefix=""/>
<text term="edition" form="long" suffix="."/>

Thank you and kind regards,
  • Is the dot merely a suffix? What about:<number variable="edition" form="numeric" suffix="."/>
  • This sounds like a locale issue. English uses "2nd", "3rd" -- German, Russian and many other locales use "2.", "3.".
  • Thank you for the quick replies.
    Ajlyon, your thoughts sound very reasonable.
    Do you know how to change these local settings in zotero
    without having to change the whole System settings within Windows?

    Kind regards,
  • See -- you may want to set the bibliography locale to "en-US".
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    @Frank: do the locale files need to be updated in 2.1? Presently, ordinals are defined as in english in locales-deDE.xml, for instance.

    Looks like things behave per OP for 2.0
  • Yes. See (the de-DE locale for CSL 1.0 has not yet been translated).
  • Good morning,

    thanks for the suggestions.
    I already had changed bibliography locale settings to en-US a long time ago.
    And it still is like that, I looked it up. That is really strange, are there any other settings that might influence this behaviour?

  • Ordinals in 2.0 come from the interface locale.
  • Dear Dan,

    that was it, thank you very much.
    Still this is not very well implemented since it also changes languages and behaviour of other extensions and also websites.

    It might be good for zotero to change this in a future version and implement its own configurable variable.

  • It might be good for zotero to change this in a future version
    It already has, in 2.1.
  • aaah, that's great to hear. I'm looking forward for the final release of this version.
    Thank you very much again and have a good day.
  • Hello dennisdd,

    have you completed the template already? I am currently working on an ECIS-Paper as well and could really benefit from the template as well. Could you upload it to the template repository, please?

  • I don't think this style has been uploaded to the library, has it?
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