Proxy rediredt for all NCBI services

Perhaps the problem is not with Zotero - I don't fully understand it at the moment. I think the situation is something like this: to make it easier to download journal articles, Zotero connects me to my University's servers which then act as a proxy. When I need to do this, I have to enter my University credentials at a University login screen ( This is fine for downloading journal articles. However, I'm also confronted with this login screen for other NCBI services such as Primer-Blast which are publicly available without a subscription (so I don't benefit from signing in). Is there any way to prevent me from having to sign in to use services where there's no benefit? Is this a Zotero issue or an issue for which my University's IT department are responsible?
  • Yes, that's Zotero.
    You can star by looking at the entries in the proxy tab of the Zotero preferences.
    You'll likely have one or two proxy settings listed - double click for a list of all sites that proxy is inserted into - delete the ones you don't want.
    That might do the trick already.
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