Cannot paste an image to citation notes after 2.0.9 update


I am using Word 2010 and Zotero 2.0.9. When I was on 2.0.8 I did several image pasting to my citation notes, everything was fine. However, after updating to 2.0.9 i lost that functionality.

Thank you.
  • please have a quick look and do at least a cursory search of the forum before posting - the post right before yours deals with this:

    (this one can be closed).
  • Dear friend,

    Please read two posts carefully before claiming ignorance.

    Neilzusman's post is about dragging and image FROM A WEBSITE. In that situation referred image has an URL (in most cases) which allow user to edit via basically adding its URL. This is exactly the same solution which is proposed by ajlyon.

    However, in my situation I am trying to copy and past an image from a file which does not has a permanent URL.
  • it's the same issue.
    if you look at the html of your notes you'll see that an image from a file does have a path just like a URL. It just starts with file:// or C: or so instead of http:
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