size of data base

The Window Explorer properties tag shows that the zoterto.sqlite uses about 30 000 KB and the zotero folder 412 MB with more than 27,000 files in 492 folders. Is this ok ?
  • yes. None of that is particularly large.
  • gif images, icons, arrows, and other xrap take quite a lot of the 412 MB. Can they be exluded as they are useless ?
  • you can delete them manually, yes.
    It's not that easy to write a scraping software that does that automatically, so if that was the question, the answer is no.
  • Thanks for the clarification.

    BTW I get no notification though I subscribed to the forum, the category, the discussion. How can I get notifications ? Does the functionality work ?
  • Yes. Check your spam folder and check the e-mail address you entered.
  • actually I've found notification to be a bit erratic - it mostly works, but definitely not all the time.
  • It only sends a notification for the first post after the last time you visited the forum. It doesn't send them after that until the next time you visit (and are logged in). Maybe that's why it seems erratic to you?
  • ah OK - yes, that's more complicated than I imagined it. It hasn't bothered me so I haven't tried to track this down systematically, but generally that could have been it.
  • That would explain it. That's not a very intuitive system, but I suppose it keeps traffic down.
  • That's just the way the notification plugin we use works, but, yes, given forum activity, sending an e-mail to every subscribed user for every post would generate a huge amount of traffic.
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