synchronizing library entries

Hi, I'm a new convert to Zotero. Learning the ropes and enjoying the liberation from Endnote.

I'm now set up with "My library" and a couple of sub-collections I've set up as test libraries. Normally I run my projects drawing from a master library to build a project specific library. Zotero seems to support that just fine - so all new entries in the sub-library are copied to "my library". My problem is shared libraries.

I've been doing a shared project and created a group library. What I'm hoping to do is sychronize all the entries in the group library with "my library". Is this possible? Searches on support emphasize sychronizing files (pdf etc.) rather than library contents. Apologies if I've missed the obvious! If there is a thread dealing with this I'm happy to read but I've not found as of now.
Thanks for your help.
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    Assuming that you are talking about keeping your local library and a group library in sync, then this is something that is planned. And there have been a few other threads discussing it, e.g.

    Don't know when it's coming though. I don't believe it's part of the 2.1 beta.
  • Excellent - thanks for the quick response. The thread you mention has all the same concerns about avoiding double entry of items and keeping edits made accross all the libraries. The ability to share libraries for collaboration is such a core strength of Zotero - the ability synch entries will a nice cherry on the cake when I do this.
  • +1 can't wait to have it
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