Z 2.1, B1. Two problems.

After installing the 2.1 beta, using Firefox 3.6 under OSX 10.6.4:

1. I cannot login to the forums.

2. The Zotero reference test pane (chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul) does not pick up the highlighted item in Zotero. That is, the lower pane in the test window is blank, even though style is selected in the drop down menu.

( I am posting here using Z 2.08 in virtualised Windows under VMware fusion)

  • 1. That seems odd. Can you login with Safari? It's not like you need Zotero installed to post on the forum in the first place.

    2. You've clicked refresh I take it?
  • 1. I had not thought of that!. Yes, I can login from Safari (using it now).

    2.I have clicked refresh. No luck
  • It looks like csledit.xul hasn't yet been updated in the trunk to work with the new processor.
  • I can confirm the reference test pane doesn't work with 2.1 beta - neither with 0.8 styles, nor with 1.0 styles.
    It provided me with a good reason to learn CSL properly rather than just fiddling with the code in the test pane...
  • I've filed a patch for csledit.xul support in Zotero 2.1, which seems to work. If it passes review, it will find its way into a release in due course.
  • Patch committed on the trunk
  • The patch has been committed - does that mean it is available with the current beta? It works for me, but it doesn't seem to update in real-time in response to user changes as it did in v2.0.9. That is, it will display correctly according to a chosen style, but not according to the changes displayed in the editing window.
  • There have been several reports that csledit.xul does not update in real time. Although I'm guilty of perpetrating the patch, I don't have time at the moment to dig into it again. Perhaps some enterprising soul ...
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