Another problem with deleted items

Hi all!
First: zotero seems to be a tool with the potential of being one day very powerful and indispensable for the daily work of ppl connected with any kind of research in the net.
Go on with it!

Well, now my problem:
I stumbled upon zotero and installed RC5 from this site. After installing it, I wanted - without RFM - to play around with it. So I created a category (lets call it Group1) and dragged a link into the zotero box. It was instantaneously added. Wow! Well, aside of adding items, removing is another important feature, I guess. So I removed it and it - seemingly - disappeared. Afterwards I added the same link again and was very surprised, that zotero presented me _two_ entries. Both identical. I removed them and added the same link again. Well, now I had _three_ entries. Whatever I tried, I was unable to get permanantley rid of them. Whenever I added the same link again, the other entries would reappear.

Comments? Solutions? Workarounds?

Greetings, Jan.
  • After only a cursory investigation, there is strange duplication behavior when a snapshot is added by dragging the URL from the address bar to zotero.

    A workaround is not to do this--use one of the zotero buttons or hotkeys (the item item that appears at the end of the address bar of some sites or the "create new item" or "take snapshot" buttons at the top of the zotero window.
  • I can't reproduce any duplication behavior. Could one of you tell me the exact steps to reproduce this?
  • This has nothing to do with deletion. It has to do with repeatedly taking a snapshot by dragging the URL from the location bar into the middle pane of zotero.

    platform: win xp
    extension: 1.0.0rc5
    (1) go to a website. For example:
    (2) click & drag the favicon from the location bar into the middle zotero pane. a snapshot is created.
    (3) click & drag the favicon from the location bar into the middle zotero pane. multiple snapshots are created. "undefined" alert boxes pop up.
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    OK, I've fixed this in the latest dev build (at least the multiple save issue—I'm not getting the alert boxes). Thanks.
  • Hi Dan!
    I just wanted to confirm that the problem I reported is fixed. Tnx!

    Greets, Jan.
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