Commons issue (D170506509)

My bucket doesn't exist:
<Error>...<Message>The specified bucket does not exist.</Message>
<Resource>readable-id-goes-here-gorkii not found by find_item.php</Resource>

Do buckets take some time to be created? I saw a warning about items taking time to appear, but nothing about buckets. FWIW, my attachments and metadata are all in Russian, so I suspected a Unicode issue until I saw the error message in the debug output.
  • Do buckets take some time to be created?
    Yes, they do. That's on IA's end.

    Let us know if it doesn't work after a while.
  • It still won't work for me.
  • Can you provide another Debug ID from startup through to whatever you're trying?
  • D1335512137

    This is actually error 500 from the web server receiving the POST request, instead of a No Bucket error as above. My guess is that it might be the Cyrillic title, but we shouldn't break on Unicode in this day and age.
  • You're right, the Internet Archive should not break on Unicode, but that does seem to be case here. We'll ask them to fix the problem.
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