get the PDF file without the snapshot

In the options, when you unselect the option to get the snapshot but you select the option to get the PDF file from the article. Then you neither have the snapshot (normal) nor the PDF file.
When you select both options, then you get both attached files (for the same article)
tested on ScienceDirect
  • mc
    edited October 22, 2007
    I can conform the same problem, not just with ScienceDirect, but also JStore, ProQuest to name another 2.
    Zotero 1.0.0rc3 and 1.0.0rc5, Windows XP SP2, Firefox
  • I can confirm this problem for JSTOR. Usually I don't want snapshots, but I do want PDFs. Disabling the 'Automatically take snapshots when creating items from web pages' should do the trick, but that results in JSTOR PDFs no longer being downloaded.
  • So I guess a ticket should be created for this? (Just want to ensure that the devs know about this.)
  • I'm not sure if this is the same problem or not. When I drag a link to a pdf from, say a JSTOR page (its not limited to JSTOR, it seems to be standard behaviour), onto its reference in Zotero, it attaches the pdf as a snapshot not a pdf.I can then 'Show File' and drag the pdf file into Zotero, so its not a major hassle, just a minor niggle. Is this the expected behavour, is there some setting that needs to be changed, is this a possible feature?

    Many thanks for all your work, Jon.
  • Jon: That's expected behavior. If something comes from a web page, Zotero assumes that the URL and access date are worth saving. That's the only difference between a snapshot and a file (unless I'm overlooking something?).
  • I have the same problem with ScienceDirect and I believe also others too.
  • PDF/file saving with snapshot pref off should now work correctly in the latest dev build (and upcoming 1.0.5).
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