457852163 - description too long??

I tried to record bibliographic information from the following page, by clicking on the 'add to zotero' icon in the RHS of the address bar in Firefox. I cannot record the exact error message, as it was swallowed up by the action of the reporting dialog box.
  • It was a tag according to your error report.

    Click the Sync icon. You should get a wizard that helps you correct it.
  • I can reproduce that from that page. That's just the generic Embedded RDF translator reading tags from the DC.Subject field, which in this case is comma-delimited. Someone might want to check if there's actually any standard format for that field. If there's not, I'm not sure what Zotero should do when it's too long to sync—maybe nothing and just let the tag wizard catch it at sync time as it does now.

    But clicking the sync icon will still help you correct it.
  • Thanks Dan,

    I did find the wizard, and trimmed the tag. I assume the site is taking the definition of 'tag' a little too liberally in their metadata.

    --Peter G
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