two major issues with 2.1b1

[EDIT: It turns out it wasn't due to Zotero at all. It was probably caused by the browser setting which disabled cookies.]

I'm experiencing two major setbacks with the version 2.1 beta 1.

First is that the PDFs of an entry are not automatically imported when I click on the 'save to Zotero' button at the address bar. Of course, this is happening to me even though I have the option 'Automatically attach associated PDFs...' enabled in the preference. At least this is what happens on JSTOR (not sure about other sites).

Second problem is that when I save an item to Zotero when I have a subfolder open, the item should automatically be saved into the subfolder. What happens in 2.1b1 is that the saved item will only appear under the 'My Library' and not in the subfolder which I'm opening.

I hope these bugs will get fixed sometime soon!

FYI, I'm running Ubuntu 10.04, Firefox 3.6.10, and Zotero 2.1b1.
  • PDF attachment is translator-specific. Please include a link to an article that does not work. This one works for me:

    I also cannot replicate your second problem.
  • Sorry it was not Zotero but the cookies setting that was not letting me save the PDF attachment. The configuration I had set for my browser got deleted so it was preventing cookies from all websites.

    I don't know if the folder issue was related to that but it seems like I'm not experiencing that either. I apologize for posting without carefully examining the issue.
  • Ok, the entry not saving into the folder is still persisting. It appears to me like this happens under certain circumstances. I was able to save a few entries into the folder, but Zotero stopped doing so after a while. I'm not sure how it happened, but I can confirm that for me, the following links did not go directly into the folder.
  • I'm unable to reproduce this problem with those links.

    Just to confirm, you are opening the main three-column Zotero panel once after any restart during testing? Zotero is not aware of the "current" collection until it has been opened and initialized once.
  • Yeah I have the Zotero panel open. I wonder what is causing this problem...
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