Zotero 2.1b1 and OM Word Plug-in 3.1a1

I'm using Office Mac Word 2008. In my document I have set the paragraphs to be separated by a 6 pt space using the format paragraph menu.

Using Zotero 2.0.8 and Word plug-in 3.03b, this spacing is maintained when inserting a bibliography. However, when using 2.1b1 and 3.1a1 the formatting is not maintained and the spacing reverts to 0 pts. Does anyone know if this is a bug or related to the changes that are being made?

If it is not a bug can anyone provide a bit of code that I could add to the style to correct this?

  • The 3.1-series plug-ins apply the Bibliography style within Word to the bibliography. If you modify this style in the "Styles" section of the Formatting Palette to set your desired spacing, it should work. (You may have to change List Available styles to List All styles.) It might also be sufficient to change the parameters for the Normal style.
  • Is this different than in the 3.03b plug-in? The style works as I want it to with 3.03b. It is when I use the exact same style with the 3.1a1 plug-in that the 'problem' arises.
  • Aha, I see that you're talking about the styles within Word itself. I have looked at the bibliography style within Word and it is identical to Normal ie with a 6 pt space between paragraphs. Therefore, it seems to me that if 3.1a1 is working the same as 3.03b then the correct spacing should happen. It does not.
  • I've looked into this further and have found that when using 3.1a1, the
    Bibliography style in Word gets changed when a bibliography is added from Zotero.

    I made sure the Bibliography style in Word had the 6 pt separation before adding a bibliography but after the bibliography is added, the Bibliography style in Word was changed to 0 pt separation. This keeps happening even if the Bibliography style is added to the Word Template and Word is shut down and restarted.

    I have also discovered another 'bug'. If one enters two citations from the same author and year, the references show up as (Smith 2010) ... (Smith 2010b) ie the 'a' doesn't get added to the 1st entry. however, if you later add (Smith 2010c) the 'a' suddenly appears and you have (smith 2010a) ... (smith 2010b) ... (Smith 2010c). This is not a problem in the bibliography.
  • Zotero 2.1 will overwrite your Bibliography style with the default for the style the first time a bibliography is inserted in the document. This is by design, since the CSL specifies the spacing between paragraphs. A bug was causing Zotero 2.1b1 to continue overwriting the Bibliography style after every Firefox restart. This is now fixed, and the fix should be available in 2.1b2.

    Re: your second bug, this is something we should look into, but I can't reproduce it with a basic test case. Does this happen in a new document?
  • edited September 27, 2010
    Re 2nd Bug: Yes, in a new document. I just happened to notice this bug while looking into the style issue above. It does NOT happen if I enter as multiple sources e.g., as (Smith 2010a; Smith 2010b). Only when they are entered individually as (Smith 2010) 'some text' (Smith 2010b).

    Re 1st Issue: I do see that once the Bibliography style is adjusted to the format desired, it will remain that way when more citations are added and if the document is saved, Word quit then re-opened but, as you indicated, it reverts again if Firefox is restarted. Since this won't happen in 2.1.b2 I can consider this 'solved'. THANKS.
  • I redid the process.

    The Debug ID is D762394356
  • @Simon. Could you please try reproducing my second bug (two citations from the same author and year) using an institution as the author (i.e., no initials present) (e.g., WHO, DFO, ICES, etc.). I believe that is where the problem is.

  • I can confirm the second bug. It was reported earlier, and traces back to citeproc-js.

    The bug is fixed in the citeproc-js version 1.0.65 CSL processor release, which is in line for merger to the Zotero trunk.
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