Aleph catalog - title case applied on import

When importing records from the Aleph catalog of the Russian State Library title case is automatically applied to titles (i.e. initial letter of every word capitalised) - is there any way of switching this off? Is it a matter of the way references are offered at the supply side or the way Zotero imports them?
  • I didn't realize that the РНБ was supported by Zotero -- great news!

    That said, the mis-feature you refer to can be turned off. Type about:config in your address bar and enter extensions.zotero.capitalizeTitles into the search bar. Double-click the entry to disable automatic capitalization.

    I personally think that this should not be enabled by default, since it is not the standard for many languages (Russian included).
  • Thanks! That did the trick - this saves me a lot of manual clicking back and forth. BTW it is not the РНБ which is supported - they use OPAC, but the РГБ (former Leinin-library) works absolutely fine. I have a notion that is because they use Aleph - I have noticed all libraries which use Aleph allow you to import directly into Zotero.
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