OpenOffice/Word 2003 plugin issues

Great work!
I see a couple of bugs with the latest plugin. 1 and 3 may be related.

1. This as an issue with both MS and Open office. When National library of medicine or Nature citation styles are selected, the Set Doc Prefs window after closing it and opening it again does not show the text next to the "Fields" radio button. Selecting any other style, closing and opening the prefs window restores the text.

2.In MS Office when citation formatting is set to use Bookmarks, I cannot insert citations. I am getting the following visual basic error message: "Compile error in hidden module: Zotero"

3. In bot MS Office and Openoffice the plugin does not pick the current citation formating style when it is national library of medicine or Nature. As a result when you close the plugin without making new selection you get an error message.

4. In Openoffice after inserting the citation the cursor remains in the citation field, so anything that you type afterwards ends up in the citation field.
  • Yes, I also got the "Compile error in hidden module: Zotero" when in Bookmark mode. I am using word 2007 in vista.

    This problem means I'm forced to use the Fields mode, which has two disadvantages.

    The first is, I can't delete the brackets, or adjust it so that it only includes the year/author. This is really annoying, and I don't know how to work around it.

    The second is that I have to rely on 'edit citation' to add prefix and suffixes. I have no problems when I add prefixes/suffixes at the same time as when I added the citation. However, when I go back to a previously inserted citation and press the 'edit citation' button to add a prefix/suffix, firefox crashes! I registered two firefox crash reports out of this.

    My work-around is to delete an entire citation and re-do it with the prefix/suffix, which works ok. But it makes the 'edit citation' button redundant.

    Thank you
  • #1 & #4 have been fixed in the latest dev build.
  • Issue #4 is still affecting me using Zotero 2.0.3, open office 3.2.1, MacOSX 10.6, firefox 3.6.8, Open Office plugin 3.0a8

    When I put in a citation and keep typing, that's fine, but if I should backspace or put my cursor directly after a citation, the field extends with my new text. if I edit the citation, the new text disappears, just leaving the citation, and it just like I have added it.

    My apologies if this is an active thread elsewhere.
  • usually not a good idea to post in three year old threads - if you don't find anything more relevant just open a new thread.

    this is afaik a known problem - you can get around it by pressing return --> space --> arrow back ---> backspace --> arrow forward
    This will put a non-grey space between the cursor and the citation - it's a little inconvenient, but since this isn't a super-frequent situation I feel it's OK
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