"RTF Scan" from within OpenOffice Writer, eg. for pasting from Google Docs

Say that you're collaborating with someone on a document, you've got the master doc in OpenOffice.org, but are working on smaller parts of it in Google Docs with someone else because it's just so great for collaboration. You're both pasting citations from Zotero into that Google Doc and back and forth into the OpenOffice document.

Now, citation links get lost in the pastes here, leaving gaping holes in the literature list in the end of your document. Wouldn't it be great if you could click a button in OpenOffice and have it scan your document (or maybe a selection of the document) for plain-text citations to turn into real reference-marks, just like the RTF Scan does?

I think this would be a great workaround for the lack of citation information in Google Docs, as well as being general enough that people using other methods for collaboration would gain from it.
  • zotero integration with google docs would be very nice. I use google docs to write papers in collaboration and putting the citations is always a problem.
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