Very Long Sync

Hi. The sync wheel has been spinning all morning and new entries are not getting synced to the server and other users. Only a couple entries have been made. There were a few sync messages about tags that I acknowledged.

I'm using 2.0.8 on FF 3.6.9 on Windows 7.

What to do? Thanks,
  • I don't see anything queued for you. Restart Firefox.
  • Hi Dan. I restarted FF and it's still spinning. Going to lunch, hope it's done when I get back. A couple of my entries did show up on others' computers and that's the main thing.

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    OK, now you have a very big queued upload—probably your entire library, either due to an automatic reset (necessary to fix a few issues) or one you tried manually (not necessary).

    It should finish, but it'll take a little while.
  • Hi. It's still syncing. I didn't try a manual reset. I forgot to mention a symptom. FireFox is freezing occasionally. The sync wheel stops part way around (not at the top) and the Windows 7 equivalent to the hourglass appears. Everything in Firefox freezes.

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    Are you restarting Firefox when it freezes? (It's not really freezing.) Your large upload already went through, but now your whole library is queued again, which might happen if you're killing Firefox while Zotero is in the middle of processing.
  • Or it's possible that the two uploads are from two separate computers. After the previous upload you now have items on the server as of 9/8, but it looks like the current upload has more recent ones.
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