Opening the preferences menu within a large Zotero collection

I have a large Zotero collection (20.000 items, around 4.5 Gb) and I have experienced various problems:

1. it's impossible to sync
2. I cannot import a RDF compressed folder
3. I have to wait at least 5 minutes in order to open the preferences menu.

Concerning this last point, I have tried to open this menu both from within Zotero and from the Add-ons menu in Firefox.
I am sure that the problem is not related to a limit of my computer, since it's a Macbook Pro with 4 Gb RAM.

Thanks in advance!

  • Once the pane finally does open, what are the full-text index stats in the Search pane?
  • Dan, I've set the pdf indexing parameter to 0.

    This is the effect:
    1. I can now open normally, without sensible delay, the preference pane
    2. but Zotero still takes 2 minutes to load the collection once I open it: more or less the same tame it took when pdf indexing was active.

    Overall, my most impost important information is kept in the notes (archival transcriptions), so I can probably sacrifice for some time the pdf indexing function.

    However, I really hope you can fix the internalize pdf indexing and make it much faster.


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