Importing a RDF collection into a large Zotero collection

I am trying to import a Zotero folder compressed in RDF format. I have been able to do it on a small Zotero collection that I keep on a different Firefox profile, whereas I cannot import it on my main collection, on the main profile.

It seems like RDF importing into big Zotero collections doesn't work. This is another problem that large collections experience, in addition to the current impossibility of using syncing.
I should say that the problem is probably not related to the computer: I'm using a Macbook Pro, 4 Gb Ram, which should be more than sufficient to manage a collection of this kind.

Any idea? Thanks in advance,

  • What does "doesn't work" mean?
  • An update:

    I was able eventually to import the RDF folder (170 Mb) but it took one hour!

    Any way to reduce this time?


  • Based on your preferences pane issue, I'm guessing you have a massive full-text index. If that's the cause, this will be fixed mainly by our switching to the built-in SQLite full-text indexer, which is planned (but probably not for Zotero 2.1).

    A workaround would be to clear the full-text cache and set the max values in the Search pane of the Zotero preferences to 0, though you'd lose full-text searching.
  • Actually these are the statistics of pdf indexing:

    Indexed (files?): 6329

    Partially indexed: 0

    Not indexed: 2238

    Words: 965343

    I am now going to set the max values to 0, just to see whether Zotero is going to become faster.

    I believe that a built-in SQLite full-text indexer would help a lot of Zotero users.
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