add citation, then type => background is gray :(

In Writer, sometimes when I add a citation and then try typing, the gray background will expand to include the text I'm typing (as if I were manually editing the contents of the reference-mark); does anyone know of a shortcut or something like that to move the cursor out of it? The best solution I've found until now is to simply press enter, space, backwards one char, backspace. Which is a drag :-(
  • This is a result of the way does things, and there's nothing we can do about it. However, if you don't move the cursor after you add a citation, you shouldn't be in the field, because we implement a workaround for this. If you move the cursor into the field and out before you type, the only way to exit the field is as you describe...
  • Ah, I see... I'll try to stay out of the gray-area then, thank you for the quick reply :)
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