WEBDAV - Files not deleted !!!

for some time now i have qa problem with webdav. I f i delete Files in zotero, they are NOT deleted on the webdav server. Also the trash is empty.

I set the delay for deleting in about:config to 0, so the files should be deleted with the next sync. I tested it... if i add an entry with one pdf, i get 2 new files in webdav...if i delete the entry with pdf, the file number in webdav does not reduce.

please check for that...its not a solution to delete all webdav and to reupload it.

Webdav is mydrive.ch (https)
  • There are some documented problems with mydrive.ch - see, for example

    and the other threads mentioned there.

    I'm not sure that their "1000 files per folder" restriction would manifest itself in the way you're seeing, but it's possible it could.
  • scheussi: It should purge deleted files eventually—the code that does that is run periodically. If you really want to purge immediately after changing the pref, you can (create and) set extensions.zotero.sync.debugMenu to true, open a new Firefox window, and select "Purge Deleted Storage Files" from the gear menu.
  • thx for the tipp... I will try that.
  • I created the new key and i get two new entries in the zotero menu...

    I just checked it (both points) but nothing happens :(

    hopefully its not to hard to solve the problem, since i really like mydrive.ch...its a lot of storage and it is fast and reliable.
  • You checked the server? Neither would show you anything in the UI.

    If you're positive you have deleted files remaining on the server, provide a Report ID and a Debug ID for a Purge Deleted Storage Files run.
  • The Mydrive.ch UI shows the number of files within a folder...this number only changes if i add a file to zotero.

    First I added a entry(with one pdf) in zotero. the Number goes from 405 to 407 after sync.

    The I delete the same entry from zotero (also trash) number stays 407

    I click on the purge point in the zotero menu...number stays 407

    The Debug ID is D1257369620

    Nothing happens after a second sync too

    (The Repporting tool in zotero was not enabled)
  • That shows no files left to delete (older than one day ago, which I assume is what you set deleteLogDays to).

    How about a Debug ID for Purge Orphaned Storage Files?

    How many folders do you have in the 'storage' folder in your Zotero data directory? (That could include empty folders and folders for files in group libraries (which aren't synced to WebDAV), though, so really it's a question of how many file attachments you have in your personal library.)
  • Just got an update to 2.0.8
    Storagedelay is now 0
    server was reseted

    Number is now 389 (local folders = 202 ; some entries are without files)
    -1 added - number is now 391
    - 1 removed - number remains 391 (local folders =201)
    -Purge - number remains 391 (The Debug ID is D613073500)
    -Orphaned - (0 lines are logged)

    hope that helps
  • server was reseted
    What does that mean? If you're referring to some option in the Sync->Reset pane, those are not options you should be using unless you know exactly why you're using them. In fact, they'll break purging of deleted files.
    Number is now 389 (local folders = 202 ; some entries are without files)
    Zotero stores two files per uploaded attachment, so that doesn't seem particularly off.
    Orphaned - (0 lines are logged)
    There should be either lines logged or an error to report.

    Let's try this: provide a Debug ID that covers adding a file, deleting the file, emptying the trash, and doing a Purge Deleted Storage Files.
  • Adding+sync: The Debug ID is D1388494172
    delete+sync: The Debug ID is D1930386790
    Purge: The Debug ID is D922388791
  • edited September 10, 2010
    OK, it looks like purging is working fine...and logging of deleted items for purging is completely broken. So when it goes to purge, there's nothing to delete.

    We'll work on a fix.

    Purge Orphaned Storage Files should still do something, though, even if it triggers an error (which it might, since it's not hooked up to anything other than that debug menu option at the moment).
  • Thank you very very much...

    the orphaned does really not log something...the counter remains on 0 lines if i try that. no error is displayed...nothing happens.
  • Any news on this issue?
  • Just tested again...files still seem to be not deleted.
  • This should now be fixed on the trunk. The fix will be included in 2.1b3.
  • Good news :) Will do some testing if 2.1b3 is released.
  • just upgraded to 2.1 Beta4...The purging works now :)

    At least if i choose the command from the zotero-menu...will check if it also works automatically (the delay in about:config is set to 1 now)

    thx for the help
  • Dear Dan
    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I encounter similar problems, with Zotero Standalone on MacOS X, communicating with a Webdav Apache2 mod_dav server: the files seem not to disappear.

    Beside, similarly to schuessi, I do not have any line of debug outputted when clicking on any of the two Purge/Delete items in the debug menu. Could there have been a regression?

    Finally, are there any options that I can activate to have a finer tuning of the list of synchronized files, please ? I used to synchronize to Zotero's servers, just switched to Webdav, and I am not sure what has been transfered or not -- and the filenames as stored by Zotero on the webdav server are rather cryptic.

    Thank you for any help on those 2 issues.
    Best regards,

  • I am experiencing the same problems. Files deleted on my zotero and trash empied, files on webdav server not deleted.

    I am using Jungledisk with a choice of either Amazon S3 or Rackspace as my backend. I first thought it was the backend that was having problem, but tests show that regardless of backend, the problem remains.

    I then thought maybe my zotero was a problem. I set up a new firefox profile with a fresh install of zotero and tested out with both backends. The result is still the same.

    FYI, I did add the debug menu for webdav and did try purging files for all tests but results are still the same.
  • This is fixed in 4.0b2. Deleted files will be purged from WebDAV after every sync. Orphaned files will be purged every 10 days, since it requires a potentially expensive operation on the server.
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