WebDAV File Sync Error (Debug ID D404835291)

Following the problems with mydrive.ch (ref. http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/14122, 14130, 14144) , which I'd used successfully for a year or more, I tried to move to another (free) WebDAV service, drivehq.com. I couldn't get icloud to work for me, and couldn't make sense of its interface ;-(

Using drivehq, I'm getting "A WebDAV file sync error occurred. Please try syncing again" from Zotero.

I've restarted Windows, restarted FF, verified the WebDAV server (over https) from the Zotero dialog, reset file sync history, and uploaded files sucessfully into a "zotero" sub-directory I created through drivehq's web interface.

My library, if relevant, has 1892 items, zotero.sqlite is 8MB, /storage is 787MB uncompressed (about 600 zipped on mydrive).
  • The WebDAV server isn't returning the correct status code for requests for missing files. We can't support individual (broken) WebDAV servers, so that's about all we can tell you.
  • That's plenty good enough an answer for me!
    I should write a (long) list of broken WebDAV services ;-(

    Thanks again Dan.
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