Impending doom as splits my files across multiple folders

For some reason that I don't understand, claims that they can improve performance by splitting files so that no folder exceeds 1000 files. This will be imposed automatically ("for my convenience").

This is the body of their e-mail:

"Dear MyDrive user,

To maintain a high performance we've started limiting the contents of a folder to a maximum of 1000 files or folders. You can still upload an unlimited number of files by splitting them up into multiple folders.

You receive this information mail because you have folders exceeding this limit.
We will automatically split these folders up for your convenience.

All your files and folders will continue to be available!"

This is actually a lie, because my folder contains 916 files at present and I don't see any other folders in there. What will happen when the folder is split? Can Zotero accommodate this?
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