add/delete confirmations on sync

I am trying to sync, and getting an incredible number of tag added/deleted confirmation pop-ups. I haven't touched some of these records in months. It appears to be working normally otherwise, but I may be sitting here for hours clicking "ok." The only factor I can think of is that I emptied my trash yesterday, perhaps for the first time in over a year (pretty dumb, I know). I keep 2 computers synced to the same account, one Mac (the one I am now referring to), and one PC, both up-to-date. I've just never seen it do this before. Any insights would be welcome and very comforting. Thank you.
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    Those pop-ups are non-ideal (and there may be cases where they appear erroneously, though I haven't seen any such cases myself), but you shouldn't get them more than once if the sync actually goes through OK.
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    Note that you can also just hit Enter (and possibly even hold it down).
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    Thanks--I put a weight on the key. It's just taking forever; I've never seen more than a few, so I got concerned. Do you think it had anything to do with the mass deletion of trash items?
  • I can't really think of how that would cause it, but probably.
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