syncing errors

Neither my personal library nor the group library I have set up are syncing to the zotero server. Each attempt to sync produces about 6-8 notices in pop-up windows (always regarding the same tags to the same items in my library), then the following error message:

Please perform a full sync in the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero preferences. (Report ID: 90ae7302)

I have attempted to Reset multiple times in the past month, with no results. My remote zotero library is currently empty, and the remote group library does not reflect any additions since 3 August.

Today I enabled Debug Output Logging. 1578738 lines logged. When I click "Submit to Zotero Server" I receive the following error message: "The server returned an error. Please try again."

Any help appreciated. I would love to see this work!
  • This worked. Thank you.

    One more question: my zotero folder has quite a few additional files in it, besides zotero.sqlite. Here are the other file names:


    Is this as it should be?
  • Yes. If you've been happily using Zotero 2.0 and are certain you won't need to revert to Zotero 1.0 for any reason you can delete zotero.moved-files.36.bak and zotero.sqlite.65.bak, though. (Those files would be cleaned up automatically in a future upgrade.)
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