Resizing of sync alert window

I'm wondering if something could be done to help make the pop-up alert windows that come up during the data verification stage of syncing a bit more user-friendly. I have a Windows XP netbook with 1024x600 resolution, and for long items, the pop-ups go off the bottom of the screen. When that happens, you cannot either read their entire contents, or see the "ok" button that clears them. The same thing happens with the conflict resolution windows. If you can't remember what the options and placement of the buttons are, it's difficult to know how to proceed. It's not possible to resize the pop-ups: when they're so big, Windows seems to just cut off the pull-handle in the bottom-right corner and gives you a blunt border instead. Maybe the addition of an elevator would do the trick? Or putting the button at the top? I see enough netbooks in libraries that I believe this would be a useful addition. It seems like sync is a major source of anxiety for users.
Thank you!
  • Hi, I have had the exact same problem. The syncing function of Zotero is really a headache. but I found if you just press enter, the alert window will disappear. I figured that enter may equal to ok. Hope this help solve your problem.
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