FSU library site translators not working


I no longer see clickable book icons in the address bar for items in the fsu.edu library catalogue.

Thanks for Zotero,
  • Looking at http://fclaweb.fcla.edu/mango , I think that they have written a custom library catalog package that Zotero does not yet support. I'm not sure, but it looks like FSU just recently switched to a front-end based on the Mango project of the Florida Center for Library Automation.

    Since it's being written in-house (well, in-library-consortium), it would be great if they added support for Zotero-friendly metadata, like unAPI. If you can, contact your librarian and let them know that we'd be interested in helping them make their catalogs Zotero-friendly.

    It would be fairly straightforward to write a translator, but there's a serious backlog, so it would be best if FCLA, the authors of Mango, pitched in. I would be happy to advise them on how best to make the site work for Zotero.
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