Zotero seems stuck at rc3. What prevents you to release a final 1.0? The software itself seems remarkably stable and functional.
On the other hand I'm not seeing the flux of (much needed) new styles we're all lounging for. Any way of helping to speed things up?
Thanks a lot.
  • If you are interested in seeing (what looks to me like) the relatively brisk work being done on the project, you might be interested in subscribing to the RSS feed of Zotero's Trac development tool. You'll probably also want to know about the development version, which changes a lot more often than the public build (rc3). A glance at the Trac tool itself might reveal tickets which you could use your own skills to help with. The devs can answer better that I can, but it looks as if some of the work being done at the moment is contributing toward solutions which are rather more behind-the-scenes (a new version of CSL was only just completed, which necessitated the rewrite of the existing styles.)
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