tab to control affiliation of items to collections

Hi Everybody,

after using zotero for years on a daily basis I meanwhile have a large collection of items. What I experience is, that it is now difficult to find out which collections an item belongs to (most of my items belong to several collections).
Of course I know, that you can hit the Ctrl key and the location in the collections is marked. But this gets unfortunately really confusing in big collections.

So wouldn't it be possible to add another tab on the right where all collections are listed and can be added or removed (similar to the tag-menu).

Affiliation of items o collections is especially difficult to handle in case one uses the recursiveCollections-option (, cause you can't figure out whether the item belongs to the actual AND the subfolder or only one folder alone. This is relevant when you drag an item into a (i.e. newly created) subfolder. The item is then in the actual Folder AND the subfolder. You can delete it from the original folder, but due to the option recursiveCollections it will look the same, no matter whether you did or not. Puh, hopefully I could make myself understood a little bit understood.

Looking forward for your comments, Felix
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