Can't import from SpringerLink doesn't work for me :-( It's Zotero 2.0.3.
  • that's the DOI translator failing - apparently there is not currently a working Springerlink translator, Zotero tries to work with the DOI on the page and that lookup fails - either because crossref is down or - more likely - because the DOI isn't (yet) registered with CrossRef or is wrong.
  • It worked until about a week ago. Since then Springerlink changed the page design. Prob. the translator needs to be adjusted.
    Would be happy if someone could do this since I am using it a lot.
  • I'm also getting general failure at springerlink (example:, suggests translator problem
  • I just got an answer from the SpringerLink support team. They are working on a citation export function. So soon you will find a button to click on exporting all BibTeX information. You can import this in Zotero afterwards. That will be a work-around.
  • I'm still having problems with SpringerLink.

    My guess is that this is trying to fire on DOI:
    since 'add by DOI' also fails for
    even though resolves.

    'export to BibTeX, then import' doesn't really fix my use case: one of the reasons I use Zotero is that I can get the bibliographic info AND the PDF in one click.

    Anybody got time to fix the translator?
  • My guess is that this is trying to fire on DOI
    No need to guess. Hover over the address bar icon.

    But yes, it's using the DOI translator.
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