control which associated files are saved automatically

The 'Automatically attach associated PDFs and other files when saving items' is a great feature, I use it all the time. But would it be possible to add more fine-grained control over the behaviour?

When I save an item from, say, Google Scholar (GS), I only want to attach those files that are directly relevant. So if GS finds an article for me, I only want to attach the actual PDF containing it when I save the Journal entry. If the GS link points directly to the PDF or to a database/provider with a site translator (and I have access to the content), that happens fine. But not uncommonly the PDF will be located on an external site, which GS indicates with a second link offset to the right. Zotero does not grab that file and instead takes a webpage snapshot of the primary linked source for the article. I'm sure for other people and in other contexts that's perfectly useful, but I personally never really want the web snapshot.

So if the behaviour could be further controlled to either: only attach 'directly' associated files, attach the secondary sourced file, choose whether to save a webpage snapshot (ever), and/or only save specific file types, that'd be just superb.
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