how can I delete snapshots and files

Hi all,
I'd like to delete snapshots and files of an item. How can I do this without deleting the item itself?
  • expand the item, select just the snapshot/file, right-click --> delete selected item from library
  • Is there a way to delete ALL snapshots in my library? I never needed them, but I also never switched off the default setting until today. They are now taking up a lot of space, and I'd like to efficiently get rid of them. Note: I have PDFs as child items with most of my citations, and I want to keep both PDFs and citations intact, while deleting only the snapshots.
  • Advanced search:
    Attachment File Type -- is -- Web Page

    --> Create saved search

    Go to the saved search and select all (ctrl+a/cmd+a on Mac). Note how only snapshots are selected.

    --> right click and Move items to trash or use keyboard shortcut to move to trash (shift+del on Windows, not sure what it is elsewhere).

    Note this will also delete attached links (currently used mainly on Amazon and Pubmed), which look like attachments but actually are just links and don't take up any space. If you really want to conserve those, there are some strategies we can try, but it's more complicated.
  • Thanks. Worked great.
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